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Incredibly ambitious guys working in the style of Techno and Tech House. Both music producers have a lot of experience behind them. Many works of each musician of the Telekinezz duet have been released on major labels, as well as on the radio!

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The young musician works at Progressive House and Big Room styles. He has already released a ton of tracks, as well as an entire album together with musician Svengal. Matts also plans to be released on major labels as soon as he gain experience in a fairly new field for themselves.

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One of the few on our label that works in the styles of Future House and Deep House. Pretty experienced DJ, working at different parties and in underground clubs. His tracks have a special style, which he himself created and which promotes under his artist name - TEX

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Mike Hans has recently started making music, but has already achieved great results. His works are gaining more and more popularity and very soon the world will recognize the new Martin Garrix. Mike works in Future Bass and Progressive House styles.

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