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Matts has been experimenting with different sounds in his tracks for a long time. His main styles are Proggersive House and Big Room, but he can also release tracks in the style of Melodic House. Matts has been creating various music for 5 years now and tries to make every detail in his tracks with high quality. One of his main tracks is a joint remix with Dispain of the track Billie Eilish - Bellyache, he caused great popularity on various music venues and increased the reputation of both artists. In the future, Matts plans to continue releasing tracks in the Progressive House style and strives to popularize this style in the music arena.


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  • Billie Eilish - Bellyache (Matts & Dispa

    Bellyache (Remix)

    Matts & Dispain

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  • Reverse

    Svengal & Matts

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  • Higher

    Svengal vs. Matts

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Recording company "Vector Records" is a dance music label, discovering new producers and young musicians around the world. Our team is always in touch and ready to work with each of our artists individually. We help everyone to become better and achieve success, because music is all life!

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